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As a leading obstetrician in the Los Angeles, CA, area, Dr. Joslyn Gumbs helps women facing high-risk pregnancies get the care they need to help ensure they and their unborn babies remain as healthy as possible right up through delivery.
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High Risk Obstetrics Q & A

How can I tell if I have a high-risk pregnancy?

High-risk pregnancies are pregnancies in which the mother, the baby or both have a disease or another health risk that could have an impact on the pregnancy, the delivery of the baby or both. Seeing an obstetrician who is skilled in handling high-risk pregnancies is an important part of ensuring mother and baby stay as healthy as possible.

What are the risk factors associated with high-risk pregnancies?

In general, women with chronic health issues like obesity diabetes or high blood pressure are at a much greater risk for encountering problems during pregnancy and delivery. Older women, women who smoke, those who have had multiple miscarriages or a history of other pregnancy-related problems and women who are carrying multiple babies are also typically considered high risk. In addition, conditions that develop during pregnancy can also result in a high-risk pregnancy. These conditions include placental problems, abnormal fetal growth and development of high blood pressure during pregnancy, also called pre-eclampsia.

What should I do if I'm facing a high-risk pregnancy?

The most important steps you can take to ensure a healthy pregnancy are to see Dr. Gumbs regularly and follow the guidelines she'll provide you. As an obstetrician experienced in high-risk pregnancies, Dr. Gumbs can provide you with the critical care and guidance you need to make sure you and your baby stay as healthy as possible. That may include more frequent office visits or additional ultrasounds or lab tests to closely monitor the pregnancy.

Does a high-risk pregnancy mean I'll have to have a Cesarean delivery?

Not at all. Many women with high-risk pregnancies have successful vaginal deliveries. As our pregnancy progresses, Dr. Gumbs will be able to determine whether a Cesarean delivery is a better option for you or your baby.

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