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Family planning lets you decide when the time is right to begin your own family, and it also helps ensure you're in the best health possible before becoming pregnant. Dr. Gumbs offers a wide range of family planning services for patients in the Los Angeles, CA, area, so they can make critical decisions about their lives, their health, and their responsibilities.

Family Planning Q & A

Why is family planning important?

Family planning helps you maintain control of your future so you don't wind up having a child at a time that's not opportune. Remember: having a child is about much more than what you want; it's also about your partner and, perhaps most importantly, the child you could be having. If you aren't prepared to care for a child and provide for all its needs, family planning can help you decide on the steps you need to take to avoid an unexpected pregnancy. Plus, when you're ready to have a baby, family planning can make sure you're in the best health possible before getting pregnant.

Are contraceptives part of family planning?

Yes, contraceptives play a very important role in family planning, both for you and for your partner.

How can I tell which contraceptive is right for me?

A lot of women decide based on their own lifestyle and habits; for instance, women who are afraid they may forget to take a pill may opt for an implantable contraceptive like an IUD. Others may prefer a diaphragm and contraceptive gel or foam. Contraceptives are a personal choice, and Dr. Gumbs can help you learn about your options so you can pick the one that's best for you.

Can all contraceptives prevent sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs)?

No, and no contraceptive is 100 percent guaranteed to prevent pregnancy. That's why it's important to know all your options when it comes to preventing both pregnancy and STDs. Even if you use another birth control method like the pill or an IUD, you still need to use a condom to provide protection against STDs, and even then, protection is not foolproof. Family planning services with Dr. Gumbs can help you understand all your risks.

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